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Ambiente Azul (former Faz Falta)

Since 1986

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Ambiente Azul (former Faz Falta, since 1986) has its headquarters in Birre, Cascais (Portugal). Ambiente Azul´s main lines of business are:

  • swimming pools - building, equipments and water treatment chemicals, etc.;
  • water purification - water softening, purification, pressure tanks, water pumps, etc.;
  • spas and saunas;
  • decorative fountains.

Pool covers

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Cobertura automática enrolada

It is recommendable to install a pool cover, both in indoor and outdoor swimming pools. The maintenance of outdoor pools is cheaper using a cover because the water evaporation diminishes, less dirt enter the pool and there is a reduction of chemicals consumption.

It is extremely important to have a floating water cover in indoor swimming pools when it is not in use so that air humidity stays under control, thus protecting the surrounding materials.

There are three main families of swimming pool covers: thermal covers; safety covers and automatic covers.


Heat pump

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Heat pumpThese days heat pumps are the cheapest way of efficiently heating outdoor pools from April to October.

Using the solar energy in the air and transferring it to the water in the pool. For each kWh of consumption recorded by your electricity meter, the most advanced heat pumps can transfer 5 kWh to your pool. so 80% of the energy is free!


Did you know...

Pools must be equipped with at least a security equipment:

  • perimetric alarm;
  • safety alarm;
  • safety cover;
  • security fence.